Meat Cuts

What’s your favourite Meat cut? There is always that question over the BBQ right?

Sinclair Meats has every cut covered to satisfy any meat connoisseur, but sometimes the question is
how do you cook it?

Guess what?? Now you don’t have to ponder on that question with the Meat Cuts app that MLA has produced for you!

Download the app today
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The Meat Cuts app is your number one destination for information about beef, lamb, veal and goat
cuts. The Meat Cuts app provides you with information about where individual cuts come from, their
characteristics, suggested cooking methods and a perfectly matched recipe – it even suggests an
alternate cut to the one you are looking for. The Meat Cuts app is brought to you by Meat &
Livestock Australia, the marketing and R&D service company for Australia’s cattle, sheep and goat


Rump steak
This great value, traditional pub fave has the greatest beef flavour, making it popular with meat
lovers. It’s lean, full-flavoured and firmer in texture than a fillet.

Sirloin steak a.k.a. porterhouse steak or New York steak
The steak lovers’ choice, this cut is lean, notably tender, rich in flavour and extremely juicy.

Fillet steak a.k.a. eye fillet or tenderloin
Famously tender, the fillet is arguably the most desirable of steaks. It’s supremely lean with a mild
and subtle flavour. 

Rib fillet steak a.k.a. Scotch fillet steak
One of our most popular Aussie steaks thanks to its juicy tenderness and rich, meaty flavour.

T-bone steak
This quintessential Aussie BBQ steak is a satisfying choice for meat lovers. It packs two different
textures and flavour experiences – a tender fillet muscle on the smaller side of the bone and a juicy
sirloin on the other. 

Oyster Blade
This delicious steak is cut from the oyster blade. It’s lean with a hearty beef flavour and stays moist
even when cooked to medium-well.

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